All persons travelling in France during the quarantine period must be accompanied by a special exemption certificate proving that their journey is compulsory and cannot be postponed (fines for infringement from 135 euros). This certificate is prepared for the crew member repatriated by the transport organizers, stating that travel from one hospital to another is essential for a foreign crew member who has disembarked for medical treatment and returns home, with the crew member`s papers (seaman`s book and passport) as well as the plane ticket and the “fit to fly” of the hospital in case of police check. It is found that foreigners require authorization from the relevant ministry of the country where the crew member is repatriated or a diplomatic message to that effect. Subsequently, further authorizations must be taken by other local authorities in our country. It is puzzling that you include Brazil which allows the crew change, but I was not authorized in Brazil on May 3 because of the pandemic in question the International Maritime Organization (IMO) stressed the importance of crew migration for river traffic, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis. Wiltex advises changing both Ghanaian and foreign nationals unless any COVID-19 members are declared, which imposes strict protocol measures. If there is a change of personnel in Madagascar and travel restrictions, please let me know Queensland: Recent instructions (1 May) by the Queensland Chief Health Officer have greatly facilitated the ability of shipping companies to change the crew in Queensland. In summary, sea crews can arrive without a cruise by air or sea and travel on domestic flights to get to their ship, join other ships and cross Australia to catch a flight to leave the country. Foreign sailors applying for permission to change crews at the airport must also be adapted to one of the above conditions. Once the application is approved, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue a 21-day temporary visa. Sailors must quarantine for 14 days after entering Taiwan. Exception: The sailor (Taiwan or foreign) disembarks from a ship that travels only Taiwanese or who does not call in foreign ports in the last 30 days, but only has to perform health management during his stay in Taiwan. Shipping companies or Masters are invited to anonymously complete the report form for successful and unsuccessful crew changes.

1 June: The Maritime and Port Authority (MPA), the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) and the Singapore Maritime Officers` Union (SMOU) have created, in collaboration with the International Maritime Employers` Council Ltd (IMEC) and the World Shipping Council (WSC), the Singapore Crew Working Group (SGCCWG) to facilitate team change in Singapore. ” Good morning. The change of team in Trinidad and Tobago is permitted from today to August 1. April 30: The change of foreigners is not allowed until further notice. If the crew is to be endured and repatriated after the demolition vessels have stopped, this is permitted if the crew has spent a 14-day quarantine period on board, which means that these vessels must remain docked for 14 days before being blocked and that corona Virus certification was issued free of charge by the port health officer upon arrival.