AlpInvest Partners, Hamilton Lane, Neuberger Berman and Goldman Sachs Asset Management were among the bidders for the alternative bid, a simple invitation procedure. In an email, CalPERS spokeswoman Megan White said the research was “part of our efforts to gather information as part of our ongoing private equity efforts.” • The IOC`s No. 1 priority is security, Farland said: Protecting member investments and identities with the country`s largest public pension fund and second-largest public employer that, after the federal government, provides health services. This perspective is at the forefront of the CalPERS organization and has entered the design. During the historic pandemic around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), when speed remains crucial, but employees are working from home and more is happening in the cloud, CalPERS is looking for solutions to make this work more efficient, but is not always looking for a new solution. .