You can book appointments online by clicking here by calling us on 063484009 or directly at the Club. 26.6 To the extent permitted by law, these conditions constitute the whole agreement between us and you and resolve all agreements, agreements, negotiations, representations and prior discussions between us (orally or in writing). Upgrading your membership has never been faster or easier. You can do anything online by simply clicking here (you need your PF key tag number). Or you can stop at the club and our staff at the front desk can do it for you. These conditions govern access or use of fitness facilities, equipment and other related services (services) that are provided by Club Fitness – before accessing or using our services, please read carefully the following conditions if you are experiencing any other problems with your MyiCLUB account: (Ex. Your contract number or barcode is not working)Please call 888-827-9262 or email MyiClub is run by ABC Financial and they have a great and helpful team that can bring you to your account and app to sign up. 12.2 If you allow another person to use your access card for admission, this amounts to the denial of these conditions and Club Fitness reserves the right to terminate the contract with you immediately and pay any dues due. 13.1 You may bring a non-member to our gym during busy hours, only if you have obtained the agreement of the fitness staff of the club present and if the non-member has entered into a temporary membership contract subject to these conditions. Club Fitness reserves the right to collect fees or to thwart access to non-members who are not residents or who visit several times without participating. Access to the gym is strictly limited to the opening hours advertised on the Club Fitness website; Club Fitness is the only gym in Delaware that offers everything you need to get the results you want, all in one place! Friendly staff and excellent customer service are just the beginning! We have competent and certified professional trainers, more than 60 fitness classes groups per week, a basic room, cross-fit space, etc. We have a 24-hour maintenance staff to ensure that our clubs are sterile and properly disinfected at all times.

At Club Fitness, we pride ourselves on providing them with a pleasant and rewarding experience every time you walk through our doors! So come in, take a ride and sign up today! We`re sure you`ll be impressed! 18.4 You understand that Club Fitness does not manufacture fitness devices or other devices, but buys or rents devices, and that Club Fitness offers recreational services and does not respond to defective products.