– The referral fee is 25% of the commission on the seller side. Hello, once you accept a recommendation fee, is it possible to renegotiate this tax once the transaction has started? What would be the best practice for this? For a recommendation agreement to be considered legal and binding, it must be approved by a licensed broker. The agreement should clearly state the duration of the terms of the agreement, the types of transactions covered and the fees agreed. And of course, it has to be signed by both parties. Yes, that`s for sure. Whenever you refer a real estate client to another broker, it is helpful to ask for a recommendation. Trading recommendation rates vary depending on the market, so I would do a little research to find out exactly what a reasonable amount would ask me (or just ask your broker, you can know from the top of their head), and remember that the recommendations are paid brokers to broker, so make sure your broker is involved in the conversation of step one. First of all, you are under no obligation in the form or form to pay this transfer to the comfortably derived relative of the state. You have a legal contract to list the house for sale, it was signed before any contact or request for recommendation; That`s your offer. Even if the seller decides that he wants to remove his house from the market, you have an exclusive listing agreement for the duration of your contract, so that if you do not decide to lay off the seller of this contract, you cannot list with someone else. Yes, you can ask for a recommendation, it`s pretty mundane. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania is considered a “grass state,” which means you don`t have license portability options (if you have portability options, you can represent yourself in the sale!). That`s a big question.

I am not proposing a time limit for a transfer agreement of more than one year, although in particular circumstances it may take longer. The real question you have to ask yourself is, “How long will it be reasonable for both sides to implement this agreement?” If you have attention and ways to keep abreast of a reference purchase progress over the years period, this calendar works.