Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science Student Exchange Coordinator, N.N. TI-international ()haw-hamburg.deFacult f-r Biowissenschaften Student Exchange Coordinator, Astrid de HeideFaculat de design, media and information Student Exchange Coordinator, Jenny KahlerFaculté in economics and social sciences Student Exchange Coordinator, Lea Andres While an official language test is not always a prerequisite for entry into the Erasmus exchange programme, many universities have made language recommendations in the new Erasmus agreements and/or have trusted the TUHH. The 2021/22 academic year will be the first year of a new GENERATION of the ERASMUS programme. The result will be some changes that are not yet fully known. In particular, all cooperation agreements are expiring and some cannot be renewed. The first year of the program is a transition year that can lead students of the same year to participate under different conditions. Before the stay abroad, an apprenticeship agreement is drafted as part of the application to the partner university Erasmus. This regulates the recognition of your academic results as you approach your time abroad. The apprenticeship agreement defines both the curriculum for the stay abroad (course title and content; this generally includes the number of ECTS points) and the educational components at TUHH, which are replaced by your studies abroad and no longer need to be completed at TUHH. The apprenticeship agreement is signed by the student and the participating universities. At THE TUHH, it is signed first by the coordinator of studies, then by the Assistant International Dean at the School of Studies. Candidates selected by TUHH will find more information and forms on the mobility portal. After the student`s return, the exam board will account for all the study credits that have been recognized in the apprenticeship contract.

To do this, the “Table D” is completed. It also gives reasons to deviate from the original agreement that occurred, for example. B because a course has not been concluded.