You may also have counter-claims that you can make in your eviction case. A counterclaim informs the court that your landlord (the plaintiff in the case) is indeed oweing you money or other relief. For example, Tom Tenant reports Lisa Landlord because she doesn`t keep her building up to date. Two weeks later, Lisa Tom resigns and claims that Tom violated his lease because it was too hard. In this case, Tom could use the retaliatory defense. f. In the event of legal action to enforce the provisions of this Agreement, the winning party shall have the right to recover attorneys` fees. e. This agreement was the result of a negotiated solution and cannot be interpreted as being prepared by any party. g. This agreement aims to bind and benefit the parties, their heirs, their representatives, their legal representatives, their beneficiaries and their beneficiaries. This defense also applies if you haven`t filed a property application before your landlord initiates eviction proceedings: if you put in a response with defenses or counter-claims, your landlord or your landlord`s lawyer can contact you to find an agreement. You can at any time try to work things out with your landlord during this process.

It is usually less expensive and time-consuming than going to court. How much does it cost you in time, money and pain to pursue the case? 2. The parties have reached an amicable agreement and have reached a compromise agreement with the following conditions.) If you use this defense, be prepared to show the court how your landlord did not respect the lease and that the amount of rent you did not pay was justified. Be prepared to show the judge or jury the condition of your home with photos, inspection reports, or testimonials from people who have seen your home. If only part of the house was not fit to live, you must show that the amount of unpaid rent was fair. What could you get if you keep the case in court? The parties agree that the approval of this agreement by the Tribunal puts an end to this dispute, except for the purposes of execution in case of delay. This compromise and settlement agreement is entered into by and between _________ one. The defendant shall pay the applicant $__ [upon enforcement of this agreement or as the case may be]. 2. An appeal on the basis of this appeal is now pending before the Supreme Court of _________ County, number ___ where the applicant is represented by counsel ______ .