You can request a refund for non-judicial stamp papers that have not been used or corrupted. This is permitted by the Indian Stamp Act 1899. However, extrajudicial stamp papers are only available up to 100 rupees and a government order has allowed refunds through the Challan system. If you do not pay stamp duty, the purchase or transaction cannot be accepted or obtained as proof. In short, it is not valid and such transactions are seized by law and a sanction is also pronounced. The registration fee for rental agreements in the dual states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is 5%. Long-term leases – long-term leases, signed for both residential and commercial purposes, include terms that last in years. Therefore, if you are the owner of a property suitable for office use or if you are an individual who wants to rent real estate for office use, commercial office rental is what you need. E-stamping is not yet widespread in Telangana, so people are currently dependent on traditional stamp papers. However, there is a good chance that e-stamping will arrive in the near future. Commercial leasing – Signed exclusively for commercial transactions, commercial leases include longer terms and larger sums of money.

Registration and certification are rarely neglected and such rental contracts A lease is a legal document that binds the owner of a property and the tenant while preserving the interests of both parties.