Students registered before 2018 must repay the NSFAS, since the fund has been the loan for years. From 2018, the NSFAS funds will not be repaid, as it is now a scholarship. Please visit financial aid for help. According to the NSFAS, you have received your signature link to sign, but you have not yet signed. 5. I`m funded by NSFAS – What do I do next? The UFS Financial Assistance Office regularly requests complete lists of funded NSFAS. Validation examinations are carried out and the allocation of NSFAs to qualified students is carried out in the UFS system. Once the allowance has been made, the financial aid will inform the student by SMS. Please note that approximately five hours after the NSFAS funds are allocated, the registration down payment block will be automatically removed. You can register now. You apply via the NSFAS website: If you live in an accredited dwelling, the money will be deposited directly into the owner`s bank account. You must submit a valid lease for private owners. For 2020, the university will pay your allowances, including rent, into your bank account and you will be responsible for paying the rent to the landlord.

The university is not responsible for non-payment to the owners. NSFAS loan: the student must repay it, which ended in 2017. Please note that the information shared on this site is from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) and is not part of the Central University of Technology in the Free State. The information is shared to help budding and current students. The university is not responsible for communication. NSFAS has not yet communicated the appeal procedure for 2021. As soon as the information becomes available, it will be communicated and published on the UFS website. What is the difference between an NSFAS student loan and an NSFAS scholarship? Please visit the UFS website for scholarship information: If your landlord is not accredited, please contact the Student Housing Department. In 2021 and from 2021, no payment will be made to owners who were not accredited until the end of 2020/2017. When can I receive my private accommodation? You must apply online for your private accommodation. It is mandatory to download your rental agreement and proof of the address of residence.

If your application for private accommodation is approved before the 25th of a month, you will receive payment of your moving date until the date of the first week of the following month and you will then receive your monthly payments until November 18. How do I know if the status of my private housing has changed? You will immediately receive an email to your ufs4life email address if your status changes.