Submit an application that describes your business and whether you are a reseller or integrator partner. La Verkada`s partner program enables resellers, installers and integrators to grow their business with La Verkada`s intelligent cloud-based video security and access control technology. Cada has implemented a two-step distribution strategy to help new international customers and partners through La Cada`s partner program. Resellers who join Verkada`s partner program can work with Distology throughout Great Britain and Ireland. About VerkadaVerkada is the leader in cloud-based video security for enterprises. Verkada combines on-premises hardware with a hosted all-in-one software platform to give customers real-time insight into every part of their business. The system has been designed for simplicity and is virtually easy to install, maintain and manage. With an industry-leading 10-year warranty, Verkada offers thousands of companies the latest security technology without worrying about general administrative costs or unpredictable costs over time. For more information, please visit * **** *** *** **** Patton. here ** **** ****** * *** * **** * ** ** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***** *** While *** ** ** ** ** *** *** *** *** * * * *** *** *** ** *** ** *** *** *** *** * *** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** “Customer agreements”, the agreement between the partner and the end customer for the purchase of products; This Reseller Agreement (“Agreement”) is between Verkada, Inc., a Delaware corporation headquartered at 405 E.

4th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401, USA (“Verkada”) and the reseller partner who agrees to these terms as part of Verkada`s partner registration process (“Partners”) (cada and partner, a “party” and, together, the “parties”). Distology represents an innovative and exciting technology that strives to excite and inspire its dealer network. Their ethos is based on trust, relationships, energy and energy and offers end-to-end support throughout the sales cycle by providing supplier-grade technical and business resources. Zerto Gold Partner (Cloud) Zerto Silver Partner (Reseller) Our partner program makes it easy for resellers and integrators to offer first-class security products to their customers and grow their business. “End User Agreement” means Verkada`s detail agreement, which is available in, or any other written license agreement concluded between Le Verkada and the end customer and which regulates the use of the products by the end customer. Since its introduction in the UK, Le Verkada has seen tremendous pulling force among customers across all sectors, including Bath Spa University, GAIL`s Bakery and Border Biscuits….