If the lease is silent on what happens after the end of the fixed term and the tenant remains in employment, a legal periodic tenancy is created [Section 5 of the Housing Act 1988]. Similarly, if a landlord applies an interruption clause for the limited time, a legal periodic tenancy would occur. Her behavior has become extremely unpredictable in the last 5 months and sometimes I have a lot of worries for my safety and security because she brings strange men into the house, tends to occupy a lot of common space in the apartment (more than her actual room), does not lock the door, forgets to turn off the stove and makes a lot of noise. Throughout our rental, I expressed my concerns and discomfort about her attitude and also told her that she should pay more attention to the common space of the house and the guests or men she brings with her, or not occupy the whole apartment with them, since we are only 2 people in the contract and it is not fair and acceptable to me, Water to pay for. Electricity and heating costs for their guests. And of course the noise and loud music. But she constantly ignores my opinions and does not care that we have the same rights in the apartment. This period is the “term” of the rental. If the duration is specified in the lease, it is customary to refer to the contract as a “fixed term” because this will be the principle for a certain period of time. This usually applies for six months or a year. It may be less common for other periods.

Incidentally, rental agents are often interested in renewing their rental, as this triggers their claim for a “renewal fee”. Don`t be convinced. If the circumstances of your rental are such that more flexible periodic rental is preferable, they should accept it. They don`t have the absolute right to a renewal fee – no matter how much they want it! If tenants remain employed, then in most cases, if no new fixed-term tenan rentals have been signed or if an “extension” has been signed once the fixed-term tenancy is completed, a new “periodic” tenancy is automatically created in its place. I have a fully managed deal with Reeds Raines. The Tennant received an article 21 8 weeks ago. Rent was paid and a departure fee was charged for March 15. Tennant is still in a property where I didn`t have a request for correspondence.